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A Show For New Tunes, Tales from SXSW 2014:

Hi all,

My drummer Zach and I are back from SXSW and I have a new show to announce.

On Friday, April 18th at the Kennett Flash, I'll be doing two things that I cannot wait to do.

One, I'll be introducing you to one of the region's most talented artists, Mackenzie Johnson. Mackenzie was this years runner up at the "Best of Philly Rising, 2013" Showcase at World Cafe Live. I first heard her at an open mic a year earlier and remember thinking, "this girl must be heard". Her voice is splendid, her melodies golden, and her message heartfelt. I don't usually go on like this but I think she's that good.'re welcome.

Two, I have five months worth of new material I want to premiere for you. Some of it will destroy, some of it will tank, but all of your cheers and internal boos are welcome fuel for when we hit the studio the following day. (Audiences are too polite these days. Twitter, quit hogging all the reax!). 

Before I delve in to some road stories, I want to start by offering our condolences to those affected by that senseless tragedy that occured last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

SXSW 2014 Summary:

  • I borrowed my Mom's Honda Fit and headed out to Columbus, OH to pick up my drummer Zach. It's a stick shift, bright orange and has a big sticker on the back that says "West Chester Mom". Ladies...
  • We played a gig for my good friend Bernardo Lopez's high school music classes in Loveland, OH. I cannot tell you how old I felt hearing Mr. Lopez tell children to sit down and not touch anything. 
  • The next morning, we headed out to Nashville to see cousin Bern, lawyer Kent, and bassist Travis as I affectionally call them. Bern bought me a shot and I don't remember much after that.
  • We stopped in Texarcana, Arkansas on the border of...yep, you guessed it. The bar had a sign dated from the night before that read "Midget Wrestling, Two Dollar Beers". I looked at Zach and apologized for not being more prepared. 
  • Finally, we were in Austin, Texas. We tracked down the host of our gig "Boy Wonder" for some show flyers on Friday night. Then Saturday morning, loaded in and wandered the streets. We caught a killer set by our good friends "No Good Sister", a folk trio from Delaware. Our gig was on a rooftop at 219 West, a bar on 6th street. The place was packed and I thought we played really well. The next group was late so they let us go on for four more songs. 
  • After the set, we met up with a promoter I had met at in Florida. He had an all access pass and a lot of bands to see, so he snuck us in to a concert by the "Woods Brothers" and later "Jullet Johnson". Still wrapping my head around how good those were.
  • We had one more day to kill on Sunday, and then headed off to Graceland, TN to visit Elvis. It is a profound experience and one that I'll treasure forever. I don't want to give too much away other than to say they have EVERYTHING you could think of, and even if you're not the biggest Elvis fan, if you appreciate music or pop culture, you'll appreciate the museum. 
  • My last stop was to drop off Zach in Columbus. He introduced me to frisbee golf at the course next to his house, then we worked on some tunes he had written. He would be a good songwriter, that dude is a rennaisance man!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you at the Flash on 4/18!









We Won!

I'm so honored to announce that last week, I was named World Cafe Live Philly Rising's "Standout Artist of the Year" for 2013.

Thank you "Son's of Origin" for backing me over the past few months, my family, friends and fans, and WCL Philly. I'd also like to congratulate the two finalists that joined me on stage at the end of the show, "Mackenzie Johnson" and "Hot Breakfast". 

There's plenty on the horizon as a result of this win, so I'll be sure to keep you posted throughout. Thanks for your continued support, and please be sure to check out the upcoming gigs banner below!



WCL Best Of Series

Hi All,

I have an incredible opportunity coming up. I've been selected to particpate in both the "Best of Philly Rising" and "Unsung Heroes" Competition through World Cafe Live. One of the categories is audience participation, so if you're free to come check out the show, I could sure use your support! Among the prizes, they promised us that if we won, we would be really famous overnight. No joke. See you there and I hope you had a fantastic holiday! 


Calling All Extras!! 

Hi all,


I hope to see you out, thank you! 


NEW SINGLE: "Butterflies" And Big Announcements


I hope you enjoy and share the new single! To listen, click on the music tab.

Once I get a few housekeeping items in order, I will release the whole album exclusively to you, weeks before my radio campaign kicks in and a month before the album premieres on CD baby and Itunes. Nice to know someone thinks your special, and that someone is me. 

I'm also thrilled to announce that Beatles and The Beach, a show I help direct for Stage Door NJ, is coming to the Kennett Flash on Friday, November 1st! Stay tuned for more details. 

Lastly, I'll be working with Riot Media Works to make the music video for "Talk Too Much". We're aiming for a release date of October 1st, and a massive party soon after. 

Thanks for your continued support,